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Lena's favorite sweater

About 'Lena's favorite sweater'

Lena has a favorite sweater. No one is allowed to touch it. When the sweater is drying outside one day, Lena notices large holes in it. Who is responsible?  

Than she makes a surprising discovery… 


A heartwarming story about the joy of sharing...


Age: 5+


Written by  Ellen DeLange

Illustrated by Johanna Häger

English release


Story behind the story

One day I found an abandoned nest in one of the trees next to our house. When looking closer I noticed that the birds had also used colourful yarn to build her nest. Not one, there were many little threats used to make the nest solid, soft and cosy....  The yarn must have come from somewhere....someone must have owned it? This made me fantasize about who might have been missing some yarn and I wondered if this person was angry about it. 


About the illustrator

Johanna Häger has always loved pictures. She just can not let something beautiful pass by. Ambiances, day breaks and intentions. She always feels the need to capture and conserve it.

Johanna creates her illustrations digitally. The colours she picks can often find their origin in nature and she is fond of letting a warm light fall on the subject.


International publications

'Swish Swoosh, in the snow ' is (will be) available in:

Dutch (2021)

English (2022)


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