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A Warm Friendship

Written by Ellen DeLange

Illustrated by Jaqueline Molnàr

About 'A warm Friendship'

It is winter. In the forest is a snowman, all alone 

shivering from the cold. If Squirrel goes to Snowman to help out they become friends. Will they be friends forever?

A sweet and moving story about friendships

and letting go.

Age: 5+


Story behind the story

International publications

'A Warm Friendship' is (will be) available

in the following languages:

Dutch (10/2018) - English (10/2019)

Romanian - Korean - Chinese - Polish


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One year, I received a snowman as a Christmas gift . It was made of several fabrics and wearing a colourful scarf. I remember thinking that this snowman probably doesn't feel the cold, as the layers of clothing he was wearing protected him. That thought inspired me to write a story about a snowman who did not like the cold. Although a snowman will eventually melt, the protection from an insulating layer of fabric, blankets and shawls means that it would probably stay around for longer.


Just as in real life, when you care for each other, friendships will last until the time comes that you may have to say goodbye. The leftover scarf and blankets will serve as a reminder of your friendship and help to eternalize the memories of a special relationship in your heart.


About the illustrator

Jacqueline Molnár was born in Budapest. She studied Animation and Graphic Arts at the University of Arts and Design in Budapest, at the Minerva Academie in Groningen, at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. 


Currently, she lives in Barcelona. Jacqueline has collaborated with several publishers and loves to experimen with different technics in her projects.
 She made several animated shorts as well. Jacqueline has won awards in Hungary and Spain. In 2017 she published Robots, her first book as an author and illustrator.
 She is fascinated by colours, plants, animals and the diversity of the human societies.
 Jacqueline has been working as a freelance children’s book illustrator for 20 years. She hopes that children’s books contribute to make our world better, more peaceful and welcoming.




What a very charming picture book is A warm friendship from Ellen DeLange. One day, in the middle of winter, Squirrel sees a Snowman. This one feels alone and is cold. Squirrel is startled and does not know what to do. Back in his litter he changes his mind and invents something to help Snowman. Snowman is covered with scarves and warm blankets. From that day Squirrel and Snowman are best friends.
But what if Squirrel finds an empty spot in the forest one day ... is the friendship with Snowman now also over? In the story 'A warm friendship', young children discover a message. You make new friends in your life, who always
stay with you, but sometimes you have to let go of friends. You do not have to forget them, they can always stay with you in your mind. The book reflects a warm atmosphere. The colors of the scarves and blankets are striking and have different designs. The birds in the trees have beautiful colors and the Snowman has a friendly atmosphere. Young children can dream away with these beautiful illustrations. A warm friendship is a lovely picture book where you immediately become "friends" with. - Hebban 

You can not have enough books about friendship at kindergarten. Of course it is also very good to talk about  friendship at home and this book is a good tool. Squirrel looks out of her warm nest and sees something she has never seen before. There is a very big snowman standing alone and he shakes from the cold. Snowman sobs for help. When Squirrel is back in her warm nest, she invents something to help him. She asks Reindeer, Raccoon, Hare,  Mouse and Porcupine and lots of birds to help out. They all carry scarves and blankets and together they wrap up the snowman. From that day on Squirrel, Snowman and the other animals are best friends. Everyone hopes that it will always stay that way. Fortunately Owl succeeds with his wise words to comfort Squirrel. A beautiful story  with beautiful and special illustrations. The colorful cutouts of Jaqueline Molnar splash off the pages. A beautiful picture book for children from 3 years. -Ineke at Libris


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Download colouring pages

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