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A Special Treat

Written by  Ellen DeLange

Illustrated by Monty Lee

About 'A Special Treat'

1 mouse wants everyone to have a special treat. 

2 mice go to the market to buy some seed.

mice are digging lots of tiny holes. What are they up to?


A funny counting book in rhyme about cooperation and sharing.


Age: 2+


English release


Story behind the story


My family has two jack Russell terriers - mother and daughter. Olive, the little one, loves to go after critters, especially squirrels. Not the larger grey ones, but the smaller red ones. One day Olive almost caught one. This made me think what would happen if a squirrel would turn around to protest being chased all the time. This story has become a little thinking game, as all animals in the story have their own agenda. Who would gain the most and is the smartest?


About the illustrator

Monty Lee is an artist living in sunny Australia. Growing up with two artistic parents, there was never a shortage of art supplies or creativity. The old creaking family home was filled with the most extraordinary books, providing an inspiration that set Monty off on her journey as an illustrator. Always eager to embrace the art of imagination you could, and still can, find her reading books or strolling around in art galleries.  Her fascination with children’s picture books has certainly not diminished over the years, with her house now bursting with books from all over the world. When she is not printing or painting, she is illustrating. 


International publications

'A special Treat, is (will be) available in:

Dutch (2021)

English (2021)


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