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Mika and the dragonfly

Written by Ellen DeLange

Illustrated by Martina Schachenhuber

About 'Mika and the dragonfly'

Mika does not have many friends at school. She is a little shy...One day she finds a wounded dragonfly and decides to bring it to school. She is so focussed on the dragonfly that she totally forgets about her shyness when she start taling about how she plans to save it.

A sweet story how finding your passion can be life changing.


Age: 4+

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Story behind the story


International publications

'Mika and the dragonfly' is (will be) available in:

Dutch (09/2020)

English (2021)


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There is a little brook winding through my backyard. Tree branches are hanging over the water. In the summers I often just sit at the brook and look at the large and colourful dragonflies hovering over the water. One day I found one with a wing missing. I was wondering if I could have saved it. I did some research online and came across stories of people who successfully managed to repair insect wings. This is how I came up with the story about Mika. I thought that the story could be even more interesting if not only the insect, but also a little shy girl got to fly again...


About the illustrator

Martina Schachenhuber is a freelance illustrator from Austria. she has always been fascinated by art and already as a child she loved to create. But still, she decided to study economics instead of going to art school. After some exciting years in logistics and supply chain management Martina decided in 2017 to swap the mouse for a pencil and made her dream come true: becoming a children’s book illustrator. The main reasons for this decision was her passion for art and drawing on the one side but also her three kids: Luise, Oskar and Egon. They are Martina's greatest source of inspiration and it’s the fun and joy she experiences with them that she want to bring to everyone.



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