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Mila's magical vacation

About 'Mila's magical vacation'

Mila does not look forward going on vacation this year. Her best friend, who always joins her, is unfortunately  not able to come along this year. How does Mila manage without a friend to play with?

A sweet story with a lot of magic


Age: 5+

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English release


Written by Ellen DeLange

Illustrated by Arancha Perpiñán

Story behind the story

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About the illustrator

Arancha Perpiñán is a children’s illustrator from Spain. Her love for drawing started when she was little, but she grew up interested also in nature, botanical and science so she studied Agricultural Engineering at the University and she has been working as an Engineer for several years. It took her a while to get into art. After being a mom, she studied a Graphic Design degree besides several workshops on illustrated picture books, children’s illustration and mixed media. Her artwork is mostly digital but she loves adding some traditional painted textures. Currently she is working with different publishers focusing on children's books. When she’s not drawing, you can find her learning photography, creating some craftworks, walking in nature or playing with her daughter.


International publications

'Mila's magical vacation' is (will be) available in:

Dutch (09/2020)

English (2022)


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A few years ago our family went on a vacation to the beach. I still cherish the memories of our walks on the beach at night time. Especially those nights when the water is lit up by a natural phenomena called 'Bioluminescence' This true magical experience made me think of a girl who travels with her grandparents to their beach house. One evening, when walking at the beach, she lost track of the dog, but eventually manages to find it back with the help of a little magic.


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