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The wall of mister Mo

About 'the wall of mister Mo'

Mr. Mo wants to build special houses with beautiful colours. The people in the village however always choose for a boring and grey design. One day Mr. Mo can't take it anymore

and builds a high wall. What is Mr. Mo

doing behind the wall?

An inspiring  story about the colours of life


Age: 5+

Written by Ellen DeLange

Illustrated by Connie Snoek

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English release



Story behind the story

Sometimes you come across stories about people who have a different approach to life and beauty. Especially artists can have a strong opinion on how the world we live in should look like. The majority of people however is less unconventional and 'daring'. It's often this majority that defines the rules that shape society. Creative and 'forward' thinkers may feel left out and misunderstood. This is the concept of the story about Mr. Mo. As an architect he has difficulties to conform to what is considered as 'average'. In the story Mr. Mo gets depressed and isolates himself, as he feels misunderstood. By following his own path he not only managed to get out, but also positively influences his surrounding.


About the illustrator

Connie Snoek is an illustrator based in the Netherlands. After working in theatre and the Himalaya she followed her dream, working full-time as an illustrator. Since then, her work has appeared all over the world at international exhibitions. She received an honorable mention from 3x3 (Magazine of Contemporary Illustration) for her picture book Cas the cat in 2015 (Unpublished at that time) and in 2019 Cas the cat (published in 2017) is selected for BIB 2019, Biennial Illustration Bratislava, by IBBY The Netherlands. 

Her work is colorfoul, imaginative and full of details. 


International publications

The Wall of Mr. Mo

is (will be) available in:

Dutch (10/2020)

English (2021)

Persian (Iran) 


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