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The Boy and the Egg

Written by Ellen DeLange 

Illustrated by Martina Heiduczek

About 'the boy and the egg'

A boy finds an abandoned egg and decides to take care of it. He wonders what is growing inside. Could it be the friend he has in mind?


A sweet story about caring and dealing

with expectations.



Age: 4+


International publications

'The Boy and the Egg' is (will be) available

in the following languages:

Dutch (2018) - English (2019) Chinese (2019)

Danish (2019)  - Romanian - Korean (2019)

Turkish (2019) - Taiwan / Macau & Hong Kong (2020)


This book is all about the power of imagination.

Being curious and imaginative will open new worlds

and possibilities. Always keep an open mind

and ask questions...


Story behind the story

About the illustrator

Martina Heiduczek grew up in a small village on the Baltic Sea in Germany. Here she used to gallop

through the forests on her Shetland pony, but she also loved to read and draw. After her study design

and illustration in Hamburg, Martina moved to Australia. She creates funny illustrations in a mixture

of digital and traditional media, like gouache, colored pencil and layers of scanned pictures.

Her work is inspired by nature, people, her two home countries and the emotionally moving and silly 

things she sees … Magic is everywhere!



Check out the book trailer video. The sound is muted. If you want to hear the trailer with sound, please click the  speaker icon in the left bottom corner.


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Cute and fun story about acceptance and tolerance. There is humor but also a good message and all of it is well illustrated. Good job!  - Etienne

Well, that was too cute! The Boy and the Egg is a short, adorable read with precious whimsical illustrations! I will be honest and say that I chose this book based on the illustration style alone. But the story ended up being just as whimsical and sweet. With bright colors, an engaging storyline, and child-like curiosity, this story will engage even the squirmiest of little ones! I highly recommend this, and will likely grab a hardcopy as soon as it's available!  - M. Grzybowski 


A wonderful book about a slightly awkward boy and his desire to live as he wishes. This book fills a bit of a void. Often books dealing with emotions show female protagonists. So, I appreciate he way this book shows a boy in emotional moments. The text is good and the illustrations wonderful. I already have this book on my list to buy for friends. - Seems Rao

The artwork in this picture book is absolutely gorgeous! I am so charmed by it. The story is fun and uses a lot of prediction, which could be fun when reading with children. It also mildly deals with the issue of expectations, and how you feel when your expectations aren’t met. Overall, I enjoyed this one. It’s short, sweet, and gets right to the point.B.A. Wilson

An incredibly charming story about discovery, research, and the power of curiosity in young people. Highly recommended. - Rogene Carter 

Download colouring page

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to download. 

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