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Theo's Princess

Written by Ellen DeLange

Illustrated by Monty Lee

About 'Theo's princess'

Theo had always heard stories about a princess kissing a frog, who then turned into a prince. He wished that one day a cute princess would turn him into a prince too.


A cute modern twist to an commonly known story.


Age: 5+


Story behind the story

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Everybody knows about the classical Grimm brothers story, about a princess that kissed a frog, who then turned into a handsome prince. This made me think of a self confident frog, with a posh name, who wants to be a prince too. The frog actively searches to find a princess that will make his wish come true. But than he falls in love and totally forgets that he wanted to become a prince.


About the illustrator

Monty Lee is an artist living in sunny Australia. Growing up with two artistic parents, there was never a shortage of art supplies or creativity. The old creaking family home was filled with the most extraordinary books, providing an inspiration that set Monty off on her journey as an illustrator. Always eager to embrace the art of imagination you could, and still can, find her reading books or strolling around in art galleries.  Her fascination with children’s picture books has certainly not diminished over the years, with her house now bursting with books from all over the world. When she is not printing or painting, she is illustrating. 

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International publications

'Theo's princess' is (will be) available in:

Dutch (12/2020)

English (2021)

Danish (2021)

Italian (2021)


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Download Colouring Pages

See below 2 colouring pages for you

to download. 


A very cute book about finding the right person. Touchy love subject for a kid’s book, but the author handles it perfectly, you can read it and just leave it be or follow up with a discussion depending how you child react and of course his age. Entertaining and beautiful. Well done!

Etienne - Goodreads 5*****

A real success, this charming, jokey little piece for charming, jokey little readers has a frog desperate for a princess to turn him into a prince, in traditional fashion. Of course he's got the wrong end of the stick, and he needs a bit more self-acceptance, and of course he should stop trying too hard to find what will fall into his lap given time, but he's not to know all that, and his story is a good lark. Strong illustrations add to the appeal, and make this above the standard four star grade.

Theediscerning - Goodreads 4****

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