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When I look up

Written by  Ellen DeLange

Illustrated by Jenny Meilihove

About 'When I look Up'

Do you ever gaze into the sky and wonder where that plane is heading? Do you see a shooting star and wish for a dream to come true?  


A story about dreaming of beautiful things,

and about being happy with what you’ve got.


Age: 5+


A book for little sky gazers

The book "When I look up' is for all of us who wish, imagine, wonder, and dream.

And for those of us who realize that everything that makes us happy is right here in front of us


Check out the book trailer video. The sound is muted. If you want to hear the trailer with sound, please click the  speaker icon in the left bottom corner.



About the illustrator

Jenny Meilihove is a freelance illustrator from Israel. Her father first taught her how to draw and instilled a love of art by taking her to galleries when she was a child. Later she majored in Illustration at the Bezel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Now Jenny makes illustrations for games, home décor, and paper goods. But illustrating children’s books is what she loves the most. She wants her art to bring joy and happiness to everyone. When she’s not busy making art, Jenny loves to sleep and to have tea with cookies. Even when she’s asleep, she sometimes dreams about having tea with cookies.

International publications

When I Look Up is available

in the following languages:

Dutch (2018) - English  (5/2019)

Italian (4/2019) - Arabic (2020)

Hebrew (2021)

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What a nice book!  How do you explain to a child that daydreaming is useful, but that you also have to enjoy the now. This book gives you in children's language the examples that a 5 year old understands. My son likes the repetition and the examples in the text and the drawings are beautiful. I have to read this book regularly! - Hebban

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