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Swish, Swoosh, in the snow

About 'Swish Swoosh in the snow'

Grandma reads. From a diary. 

Lissy is all ears... What are her stories exciting! But... who are they actually about? 


A heartwarming story in which past and present come together.


Age: 5+


Written by  Ellen DeLange

Illustrated by Anna Lindsten

English release


Story behind the story

When I grew up, the world was much 'larger' than the world of todays generation of children. Digital and virtual technology too often glues them to the couche at home. As a child I loved to go out and explore. It did not matter if the sun was shining or it rained. With this little story I would like to show readers that going out, even when it is cold or snowing can be a great adventure. There is so much to see, learn and experience. For instance not all animals like the cold and the snow, others sometimes rely a little on the help of humans. This book is one of a series of 3. See also the other 2 titles: 'Pitter Patter goes the rain' and 'Flip Flop, to the beach we go'.


About the illustrator

Anna Lindsten is an illustrator and designer living in Stockholm with her husband and their children and

the welsh springer spaniel Hilla. She studied art history, design theory and visual communication at University and art school and has worked at an art museum. Until she realized she needs to follow her dreams and went back to school to become an illustrator and designer. Anna loved reading books as a child, she used to write her own little stories and comics and illustrate them. She finds inspiration all around her, and ideas often come when talking and listening to her children, walking in the forest, looking at people and buildings around her, and listening to music while doodling. Anna has worked with clients from different parts of the world, designing patterns for clothes, home décor and stationery and she has illustrated for text books and children’s magazines and making children’s picture books is a longtime dream and something Anna’s been focusing on over the past year.


International publications

'Swish Swoosh, in the snow ' is (will be) available in:

Dutch (2021)

English (2022)


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